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Safari Snorkel Trip with Sunset Watersports

Kevin and Jefe joined Patricia and Patrick on Sunset Watersports Safari Snorkel. Sunset’s custom made 15-foot Pistol boats carve through the waves effortlessly. Jefe piloted the KeyWestBuzz boat behind Patricia and Patrick on Sunset’s lead vessel over the bay and through the mangroves en route to the back country secluded island called Snipes Point. The group anchored outside a tranquil beach bordering the Gulf of Mexico and watched local birds in the air and fish in the sea. The strikingly clear blue water provided a perfect view of fish, rays, and other Keys marine life. Life IS a postcard at Snipes Key.

After soaking in some sights and sun, everybody piled back in the boats and sped back to civilization at 30 mph. Another stop outside Sigsbee Island provided views of sailboats on the water and tropical fish underwater. Patrick was first in the drink with his snorkel and fins. We all followed his underwater tour of a colorful coral head. Swimming with Parrot Fish, Tangs (Dory from Finding Nemo), Rays, and turtles never gets old. The Safari Snorkel is the most unique way to spend two and half hours of your life. You drive the boat. You snorkel with the fish. You experience the best the Keys has to offer with an expert guide to lead the way, answer questions, and ensure you love every second of your day. Click on the Sunset Watersports logo on the right to learn more about the Safari Snorkel.

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