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Tales from Paradise

I received an invitation from a friend who had just moved to Key West the previous month to visit Cayo Hueso . I jumped at the chance to escape the concrete jungle of the mainland. I had no inclination as to what, where, or any knowledge of even how to get to this tiny island. I packed a few things to stay for a week or longer and set our for paradise. As I landed in the Conch Republic I was captivated by the lush vegetation and colorful homes that lined the quaint streets and lanes. This tropical island is bordered by the most vibrant shade of turquoise waters I had ever seen. I visually consumed every fauna and floral possible.

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Pato Banton Concert Recap from Lower Keys Reggae Festival

Pato Banton at Lower Key Reggae Festival

Pato Banton energized the crowd at the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce’s 3rd Annual Reggae Fest on April 2nd. After Calton Coffie’s last minute cancellation Pato played a two-hour plus “superset” that had children dancing on-stage and locals freestylin’ with the band. Reggae fans caught rhythmic performances from Marijah, Bongo D, and Pato’s Now Generation Band on scenic Sugarloaf Key. Keep checking for more details on the re-broadcast of the concert.

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3rd Annual Lower Keys Reggae Fest

Have a Rum Punch in paradise and Join at the 3rd Annual Reggae Fest on Sugarloaf Key (Mile Marker 17 Gulfside) from Noon to 6pm, Saturday, April 2nd. Grammy-nominated Reggae legend Pato Banton is headlining the show with performances from Grammy Winner Calton Coffie from Inner Circle (“Bad Boys” from Cops), Bongo D, and Marijah. will be recording the full show for later broadcast.

Sugarloaf Key is the perfect tropical island setting for an unforgettable Reggae show. Vendors are creating tasty festival food with Island Spice and hand-made crafts for their booths. The bar is already stocked with plenty of Margarita Mix, Jamaican Rum Punch, and the essential ingredients to make the perfect Bahama Mama. The music will play on until the sun sets over the glistening waters of the Bay and the party will continue all night at the Sugarloaf Tiki Bar (

Buy tickets on-line at for $20 in advance or $25 at the gate. No coolers, back packs, picnic baskets, or pets.

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Tippy’s Drink of the Week

The Mango Tango

This tropical head banger goes down smooth and comes with a rum punch.

  • 1/4 Package Frozen Mango Pulp
  • 1/3 Tube Frozen Lime Aid
  • Lots of Rum (use 151 proof to activate the “Lost Weekend” option)
  • Dash of Chambord
  • Lots of Ice

Put it all in a blender and let it rip. Serve with bamboo cocktail umbrellas for full effect. It’s good and good for you.

The View from Key West

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