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You can listen to on you computer or one of several Internet enabled devices (Internet Radio thingys like a Squeezebox, Sonos, or AppleTV). You’ll also find in the ShoutCast Directory.

Listen on your computer with our pop-up player…

This should be pretty easy… click here. Got Buzz? Go ahead and put on some headphones or jack your computer into some good speakers and soak up the Hi-Fi sound. If you’re really, really scared of computers… don’t read any further or your head may explode.

Listen on your computer using your favorite audio player…

Wanna play in iTunes, Winamp, FooBar, or something else that supports playlists then use one of these links:

128K MP3 stream – great sound quality compatible with most players

64K AAC+ stream – great sound with fewer bytes stuffing the Internet tubes. Only works in certain players, give it a try.

Oh, are you using Windows Media Player? Click here for a 128K MP3 stream.

Listen with a Device…

If you have a Squeezebox or a Sonos just cut & paste the following URL to our 128K MP3 stream and save as a favorite channel:

For other devices, you should be able to use our direct URL or (if available) look us up in the ShoutCast directory by searching for KeyWestBuzz – we’re listed in the Eclectic genre because if Key West is anything, it is eclectic.

Got an AppleTV hooked up? Try playing us in iTunes or your computer or iPad using the MP3 link above and send the audio to the AppleTV via AirPlay. That kind of black magic is way cool.

If all else fails…

Hmm, you may be behind a proxy server. Try clicking here. Is it working… cool! Is it not working… well the Man is oppressing you. Rise up against Babylon. You can always try the last option.

Come to Key West… is featured in several Key West restaurants and bars. Enjoy a frosty margarita, some fresh fish, and listen to Look for around town and at the Sunset celebration to get a chance at your 10 seconds of fame on our Internet airwaves. And definitely drop by the studios and say Hi. We’ve got some great deals for attractions around town we’re handing out to our loyal listeners.

The View from Key West

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