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KeyWestBuzz at The Reef

Kevin, El Jefe, and Cal (the underwater cameraman) set sail out to the reef. We pulled out of the harbor and a pod of dolphin swam in our wake as the little island of Key West grew smaller and smaller. The warm water lapped the side of the boat while sea turtles came up for air and their favorite snack- jelly fish. With Sand Key lighthouse in the distance the crew tied up to a vacant mooring buoy and we all jumped in the 86-degree water surrounding the reef. Continue reading

Go Around the Island with Barefoot Billy!


Kevin, Jefe, and Joe The Flying Scotsman joined Barefoot Billy himself at the Casa Marina for a great day on the water. The day started with Billy’s famous 27-mile Jet Ski Tour around the island. Kevin, Jefe, and Joe broadcast under Casa Marina’s gazebo on the pier as wave runner engines roared by. Then Kevin and Joe grabbed a couple of paddle boards and cruised around the shallows surrounding Casa’s sandy beach. Before the day was done Kevin went kayaking, Jefe sailed a small Hobie Cat, and Joe peddled the Sea Cycle. Whatever you’re looking to do on the water Barefoot Billy has you covered.

Continue reading

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There’s an easy way to make your phone buzz… you can listen to anytime, anywhere with your smartphone and the radio application. If you already have installed on your phone, just search for KeyWestBuzz and store us in your favorites. If you don’t have for your phone then head on over to for more details. You can also use directory to listen to at home using a Roku, Sonos, Squeezebox, or GoogleTV device. So remember,, turn on, get buzzed.

Tippy’s Drink of the Week

The Mango Tango

This tropical head banger goes down smooth and comes with a rum punch.

  • 1/4 Package Frozen Mango Pulp
  • 1/3 Tube Frozen Lime Aid
  • Lots of Rum (use 151 proof to activate the “Lost Weekend” option)
  • Dash of Chambord
  • Lots of Ice

Put it all in a blender and let it rip. Serve with bamboo cocktail umbrellas for full effect. It’s good and good for you.

The View from Key West

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