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Kevin, El Jefe, and Cal (the underwater cameraman) set sail out to the reef. We pulled out of the harbor and a pod of dolphin swam in our wake as the little island of Key West grew smaller and smaller. The warm water lapped the side of the boat while sea turtles came up for air and their favorite snack- jelly fish. With Sand Key lighthouse in the distance the crew tied up to a vacant mooring buoy and we all jumped in the 86-degree water surrounding the reef.

Captain Bob, Mates Matt and Ryan, and the Buzz crew all agreed these conditions were perfect. As you can see from the pictures visibility ran extremely deep. We heard fish crunching coral and saw gigantic schools of tang and sergeant majors. Cal got close up shots of triple tail, hogfish snapper, and a parrot fish over three feet long! North America’s only living coral reef certainly did it’s job that day. The passengers and crew couldn’t be happier. Make sure which ever trip you choose includes snorkeling at the Reef. It will definitely be the highlight of your trip to paradise!

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The View from Key West

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